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Kids in Bicycle Safety class

Bicycle Safety

Top Bike Safety Rules

Ride with the flow of traffic, NOT against it.

Bicycles are considered vehicles in all 50 states and must follow the same rules.​

Stop at stop signs and red lights and follow road signs - they apply to motor vehicles and bicycles!

  • Yield to traffic before entering or crossing a roadway from a driveway, trail, sidewalk or lower priority road.

  • Cars don't look much for bikes on sidewalks or bike paths.  So pay attention at every driveway or intersection. 


Be Visible! Don't let cars NOT notice you!

  • Wear bright clothing

  • NEVER ride in low light without a bright white headlight and red rear light.

  • If cars have their headlights or windshield wipers on, turn on your lights! 

Ride in a predictable, straight manner. Don't swoop in and out of traffic, parked cars or circle drives. 

Ride in the farthest right hand lane that serves your destination. 


Signal turns and lane changes at least 50 feet in advance.

  • Move to appropriate left turn lane if safe to do so.

  • Or make two part left turn using crosswalks and traffic light 

​Use safe equipment!

  • Wear a properly fitting bicycle helmet 

  • Make sure your bike breaks work, the bike is safe. 

  • Wearing headphones when cycling is dangerous - they block other sounds you need to hear. If you do, ONLY one ear bud!

Most important rule - Have FUN being healthy!

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