Trails in Pueblo West

Most of Pueblo West roads are narrow but do not carry much traffic.  But the traffic often travels faster than the posted speed limit. This may intimidate some in the community from feeling safe or enjoying their time outdoors. Many find the multi-use trails more enjoyable to walk or ride along and fortunately, Pueblo West has many options with off-road trails.

Improved trails:
Pueblo West currently has almost 5 miles of improved multi-use trails that include an 8- foot wide paved surface alongside a 4- to 8-foot wide crusher fine surface. An additional  mile of paved trail is awaiting construction through a Safe Routes to School grant to connect Sierra Vista Elementary and hopefully Pueblo West High School to the trail network.

These trails will connect Cattail Crossing, Swallows Charter Academy, Sierra Vista Elementary and Pueblo West High School and loop 3.5 miles around a residential area. Pueblo West Metro is also constructing 8-foot wide soft surface trails in late 2010 to link higher density neighborhoods and link Desert Sage Elementary and Pueblo West Middle School.

Unimproved trails:
Pueblo West has over 20 miles of dirt utility roads in the easement areas. Some of these trails are in excellent usable condition with the equestrian groups and various individuals maintaining sections of trail. But some areas need mowing or drainage improvements to improve connectivity and usefulness of the trail.  Highlighting trail crossings at busier roads with crosswalks and "Trail Crossing" signs would improve safety for trail users, especially school age users, and improve community awareness of the trails.

Map of Pueblo West trails and bike routes