City of Pueblo

City Bike Route Map

The City of Pueblo has lots of wide tree-lined streets that carry very little traffic and make great cycling routes.  One of the many benefits of streets on a grid system is you can always find a quieter street a block or two over from the main automobile routes.

Pueblo has many wide residential streets that can accommodate 2-3 lanes of motor vehicle traffic, on-street parking and sometimes a 4-5 feet for a bike lane. The blue intermediate routes on the bike route map experience heavier traffic volume and may eventually get bike lanes or sharrows when funding is available.  The challenge is finding the funding and prioritizing what routes need bike lanes or sharrows the most to encourage cyclists to ride, alert motorists to bicycle traffic and if passing distance is available or not, and improve the overall safety and flow of the entire roadway for all users.

Pueblo also has 25 miles of concrete/paved multi-use trails along the Fountain Creek and Arkansas River extending from CSU-P to the north entrance of Lake Pueblo State Park.  The city is working on improving signage and accessibility to the trail system.