"Walking is convenient, it needs no special equipment, is self-regulating and inherently safe.

  Walking is as natural as breathing."                        - John Butcher, Founder Walk21, 1999

Walkability is a measure of how friendly an area is to walking.  Walkability has many health, environmental, and economic benefits. But evaluating walkability requires the consideration of many factors such as: the presence or absence and quality and connected sidewalks, traffic and road conditions, land use patterns, building accessibility, safety, street trees and landscaping and other factors.

Rating Walkability

Advantages of Improving Walkability:

  • Increased safety for pedestrians by reducing road dangers
  • Less crime
  • Improved spaces for people
  • Improved accessibility and economic growth for businesses
  • Inclusive mobility for all ages and abilities
  • Increased health and wellness of community members
  • Integrated networks that improve roadway capacity and transportation options