Volunteers for Walk/Bike to School Days

The monthly Walk/Bike to School days requires volunteers taking 30-45 minutes to help improve visibility of crossings, provide some supervision and encourage kids and parents to try walking/biking to school.  Consider getting involved! You can hand out raffle tickets along the trail, hand out snacks at school, or join the movement and walk or ride with students!

On sponsored walk/ride days, adult volunteers will be posted along the trails at the blue "T" marks (roughly 0.5 mile apart) handing out raffle tickets and providing some adult supervision. We would like at least 2 volunteers per location for back up in case of illness or other schedule conflicts for follow up events.

  • If we cannot get  volunteers at all the "T" locations, especially those farthest from the school, we'll prioritize volunteers at busier crossings and closer to the schools to serve the most students.
  • Times volunteers posted at T locations on map to hand out tickets based on school start times and distances:
    • Paved trail T1 to T4 :  6:50 to 7:55 am (Skyview, PWHS, Sierra Vista)
    • Paved trail T5 to T8:  6:50 to 7:40 am (Skyview, PWHS, Sierra Vista)
    • Dirt trails T9 to T12:  6:50 to 7:25 am  (Skyview, PWHS only)
    • Dirt trails T13 to T18:  6:50 to 7:15 am (Skyview, PWHS only)

Sierra Vista Trail (runs north to south behind SVE):  

T1 Matt Kelly, PW Fire, T2 Sarah Maslin, T3 Sheriff (near PWHS), T4 - (paved trail/Kenosha dirt road) Marian Heesaker

  • Note:  from T4- Skyview bike rack is 0.6 miles by going west on Kenosha, left on Bayonne, immediate right on Diagonal trail

Paved loop of Trail (south and east of schools):    T5- ____,  T6-PW Parks and Rec, T7 - Mr. Leyva, T8 Marilyn Vargas (trail/Hahn's Peak)

Nichols Ranch Trail (trail runs north of Skyviewl):  T1-Carol Cosby (trail/Conquistador intersection), T10-Marti Marshall, T17 ________ (trail/El Portal), T18-PW Fire Bike Patrol sweep to Skyview (trail/West McCulloch)

Diagonal Trail (runs diagonally west of school):   T12-Sheriff Ferguson/Katie Fisher (McCulloch crossing), T13-John Lisi, T14-Kelly Butkus

West Long Trail (tall power line trail):   T9 - PW Fire (Spaulding crossing), T-10-Marti Marshall,   T15-Monte Montez (D70)/Jasmine's mom, T16-Mr. Greg Keasling (D70)(trail/Avenida del Oro)

Green routes are Bike Trains:  Must ride single file, keep safe distance between riders and ride responsibly along roads and trails to school. 

BT1 - Group ride meets at General Store at 6:45 am to ride to Skyview and then PWHS. Lead by Thomas from PWHS Cycling Club.

BT2 - Group ride from Golfwood and Calle de Caballos 6:55 am to Skyview

BT3-Kim Arline and PWHS Cycling Club student will meet cyclists at Golfview/Mangrum at 6:55 am, ride down Mangrum to Archer to paved trail to Skyview and PWHS.  Kim Arline will return to school in the afternoon and escort cyclists back along this route.

BT4 - Denise Ricks will meet SVE students at 7:35 at Hahn's Peak and Boros.

BT5 -

Red Ts and Refreshments at school: School staff hand out one red ticket to each student arriving on foot/bike to track overall participation. This ticket is good for refreshment at school staffed by staff or volunteers.  Students should write their name and phone number on all their tickets and turn them into the bucket at the refreshment area for prize drawings.

Sierra Vista:  Mr. Chamberlain and staff will give red tickets and oversee refreshments if no volunteers available. D70 admin staff will come to Sierra Vista after Skyview students go into the building.

Skyview:  Mr. DiPietro, Mr. Ed Smith, Ginger Andenucio, two Skyview teachers will hand out red tickets on trail east and west of school. PW Fire Chief Caserta will be near stop sign of McCulloch/Camino de Bravo.  Sheriff Myers will guard Camino de Bravo in front of school near the bike rack.  Students should write their name on all their tickets and leave in bucket at refreshment area for prize drawings.

PWHS Mrs. Nogare will have a table set up for students arriving on foot/bike to show their red ticket for a snack. Students should write their name on the back of their tickets and drop them here to be in the drawing for prizes.

Fender Blender will be stationed on the trail for students to pedal for their own fruit smoothie in October, March, April and May events.  Mr. Halvorson from PWHS will set up the blender on the paved trail across Capistrano from 6:50 to 7:20 am. Kim Arline will haul the blender over in a bike trailer to Sierra Vista for use 7:20 to 7:55 am.