Safety Videos

Bike lanes and Sharrows in Pueblo - NEW 2011!

Cyclists Follow the Law for your own safety - NEW May 2011!


Bicycle Safety for All Ages Series - this series shows the entire family how to ride safely on the road or bike path.

  1. What is a Bike Train?
  2. Wear a properly fitting helmet.
  3. Ride a safe bike.
  4. Be Visible! Lights vs Reflective Material
  5. Ride with traffic, not against it
  6. Ride predictably and beware of intersections.
  7. Share the Road.
  8. Share multi-use trails
  9. Stay Alert of Wildlife and Strangers
  10.  Finding a Route

Pedestrian Safety Series - this series shows how to walk safely around vehicles and in areas with limited pedestrian walkways.

  1. Where to Walk without sidewalks and crossing intersections. Also demonstrates a Walking School Bus.
  2. Sharing multi-use trails
  3. Stay Alert of Wildlife and Strangers
  4. Finding a Route

These videos were produced with a Safe Routes to School Education and Encouragement grant. 

  • The videos play regularly on the Pueblo County and Pueblo City Public Access Channels to reach a larger audience.
  • DVD copies are available for a $20 donation to support local Safe Routes to School encouragement programs by contacting