Safer Routes in Pueblo West

Pueblo West roads are often narrow and have no sidewalks. The roads were not constructed on a grid so choices are often limited to the only route that connects areas together. But the new multi-use trails and existing dirt utility roads offer pedestrians and cyclists a safer and more direct option of getting around than following the heavily traveled roads near the schools.

The 2010 Pueblo Area Bike Route map shows connecting routes, improved trails and dirt utility roads that may be used by the public on foot, bike or horse. 

  • Students and parents are encouraged to explore and find a route they feel comfortable walking or biking from home to the trail system using the map as a guide. The experience on foot or a bike might be very different than what you expect or experience in your car.
  • Parents and students should walk or ride the route together looking for problem areas and how to deal with those areas. Examples: road curves or hill limits sight distance, threatening dog barking, crossing a busy road.
  • Not all students will be able to walk all the way to school from home. But parents can drop the student off along the trail system to minimize traffic near the school, give the parent more time to get to work and the student the opportunity to walk at least part of the way to school.
  • Dropping students off safely along the trail system requires some basic precautions to keep everyone safe.
  • Promote walking/biking with friends and family, not alone. Older students should find a buddy to walk or ride with.
    • Adults can escort younger students to relieve many parent concerns and emphasize safety along the way. Walking School Bus and Bike Trains are a great way for parents to take turns walking or riding with a group of students to or home from school.
  • Some might find parts of the trails or roads lonely and distant from help if needed. Have a cell phone handy to call for help or take a photo of someone or something making them uncomfortable.