Map of Routes to Skyview, PWHS and Sierra Vista

The roads in our community are narrow and become very crowded near most of our schools at drop off and pick up time.  Every morning approximately 300 motor vehicles drop students off at Skyview and 150 cars at Sierra Vista creating congestion and safety concerns for anyone that would like to walk or bike to school.

Map of trail routes (print pdf copy):  The community trails offer a nice place to walk or ride away from traffic. But use extra caution crossing roads, especially McCulloch and Conquistador, as the crossings are not marked or well known for carrying much foot/bike traffic yet.  Some people might feel isolated so students and community members should walk/bike with a buddy and have a cell phone handy if they need to call someone.

On sponsored walk/ride days, adult volunteers will be posted along the trails at the "T" marks (roughly 0.5 mile apart) handing out raffle tickets and providing some adult supervision.  If we cannot get  volunteers at all the "T" locations, especially those farthest from the school,  we'll prioritize volunteers closer to the schools and at busier crossings.                          Volunteer assignments and times


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