Pueblo West SRTS program

Skyview Middle School - International Walk/Bike to School Day on October 6, 2010

Pueblo West has received almost $265,000 of funding through two SRTS grants to improve the pedestrian/bike access to a few of our largest schools and provide educational resources to improve the safety and awareness for pedestrians and cyclists in the community.

Many Pueblo West roads carry little traffic but the roads near our schools are often inundated with motor vehicles dropping students off to school or traveling through on their way to work.

  • Off-road Trails: Pueblo West has nearly 7 miles of paved multi-use trails away from traffic surrounding the higher density neighborhoods in the Skyview Middle School and Pueblo West High School (PWHS) boundaries. An additional 8 miles of unimproved dirt utility roads flank Skyview and PWHS allowing students in lower density neighborhoods the opportunity to walk or bike to school away from crowded, narrow roadways.
  • Trail Crossings: the off-road trails cross roadways periodically and trail users must yield and cross only when safe.
  • Bike racks:  all Pueblo West schools now have bike racks available
  • Maps

  • Education:
    • All motorists, cyclists and pedestrians should follow the rules of the road and do their part to keep everyone safe.
    • Dangerous practices will be discouraged by school officials, program volunteers and periodically ticketed by the Pueblo County Sheriff.
    • Motorists: Do not speed, pay close attention to other road users and be safe dropping kids off to school or along trail 
    • Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Education.
      • All students at the target schools will watch video segments on the school-wide tv system leading up to the International Walk to School event in October each year.
      • Additional bike/pedestrian safety instruction mayl take place in PE, Media or other classes at each SRTS school.
      • Safely Crossing Streets with heavier traffic is an area needing more attention from Pueblo West Metro District staff, law enforcement and community members. Cross guards are a solution if volunteers or funding is secured but only helps a couple hours a day.


    • A few Pueblo West schools will have “Walk-n-Roll Wednesdays” the first Wednesday of each month (once Sierra Vista trail is completed). Parents and students are encouraged to try walking or riding to school on these days to discover or rediscover how much fun walking and biking can be with friends and family. Schools are encouraged to offer contests or prize drawings to those that participate.
    • Older students are encouraged to walk with a buddy and younger students should walk with an adult until at least until 4th grade or age 10.
    • Parents are strongly encouraged to walk/ride with their child after selecting a route they are comfortable taking We hope volunteers will start a neighborhood Bike Train or Walking School Bus and escort kids on their way to school.

    Evaluation: Involves identifying problems, finding workable solutions and determining if solutions corrected the problem. Participating schools must complete the following surveys for the grants:

    • Parent surveys
    • Student self-reports of how they get to and from school
    • Observations of how many kids walk, bike, parents or carpools drive them and busing