Photovoice Pueblo Project

The Photovoice Pueblo Project was a collaborative effort spearheaded by Pueblo Active Community Environments (PACE) in July 2010.  The project entailed community volunteers taking pictures that embody Pueblo’s beautiful spirit through cultural heritage or exposed structural challenges in regards to walkability or bikeability that may hinder an active, thriving population. 

Each volunteer photographer was allowed to submit seven photos to the group project.  An evening presentation from Livewell Colorado challenged each photographer to select two photos to write a one or two sentence caption for their photos that captured the issue and potential for change.  The final photos and captions are available for public viewing here.

Pueblo Photovoice Project 2010 photos and captions

Pueblo could address these issues identified through policy change or community projects for positive change.  These projects are in no way marginalize Pueblo but show different areas in Pueblo, which with a little community effort could really improve the built environment allowing for a more active and healthy population in Pueblo.   These photos are for the community to use in their efforts to:

  • attain grants to complete sidewalks or bike paths, provide wheelchair access at crossings
  • gain political support to make some positive change in the community
  • increase community awareness