Moving Forward

To overcome the challenges limiting more walking and biking in our community today involves:

  • A multi-faceted approach addressing the 5 E's of engineering, education, encouragement, enforcement and evaluation.  There are many reasons community members don't feel welcome or safe walking or riding in our community but can be improved with a 5E approach.   
  • The 2010 Bike Plan (draft)  details the 5Es regarding cycling in the City of Pueblo and includes short and long term projects local cyclists have indicated are needed for a more integrated transportation system.
  • Policy work at local and state levels to develop Complete Streets and smart planning to improve Walkability and Bikeability to create a healthy, active, sustainable community for all ages and abilities.
  • Developing partnerships between local and state government, community resources and businesses working together to promote health and wellness as well as improve transportation alternatives.

There are several programs and funding options available for our community to move forward to become a more bike and pedestrian friendly community.

Now taking private and business donations to "Connect Fountain Creek to 4th and 8th Streets" - starting July, 2011!

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