Maps may be viewed online or printed:

The 2010 Pueblo Area Bike Map was printed in September 2010 and available free to the community thanks to a grant from Livewell and CDOT!  Printed copies of the new bike route map are available at the following locations:

  • Local area bicycle shops and local sporting goods stores
  • Parks and Recreation Departments (City of Pueblo, Pueblo West)
  • Pueblo YMCA, Pueblo Ice Arena, local athletic clubs
  • Pueblo Libraries, Pueblo Mall Service Desk
  • Lake Pueblo State Park and Pueblo Nature and Raptor Center
  • Colorado State University-Pueblo visitor center, recreation center and several other locations
  • HARP (Riverwalk) Boathouse and Senior Resource Development Agency (SRDA)
  • City of Pueblo:  Police Department, Municipal Center, Transit Center, Planning, Transportation
  • Pueblo County Courthouse information booth
  • All Employee Wellness Coordinators
  • Pueblo City-County Health Department information booth

Additional copies of the maps are available by contacting the Transportation Office at 719-553-2722.

20100205 Bike Map mockup CITY Portrait.pdf1.62 MB
20100205 Bike Map mockup PWMD Landscape.pdf4.6 MB
TrailsMap_FinalFinal.pdf1.5 MB