Pueblo Active Community Environments (P.A.C.E.)

iShare the Road

Pueblo has a campaign for 2016 to make our roads friendlier and safer for everyone by asking people to take the pledge to Share the Road:  

I will be a better user of the road. I will slow down, look out for others, be kind and make our roads safer. Our roads will be more enjoyable for everyone, including people walking, bicycling, motorcycling, driving a car or moving in a wheelchair.

                                  TAKE THE PLEDGE ONLINE

                             HELP this campaign and become an Ambassador for Safe Streets

It takes each and every one of us to be responsible for our own behavior on our roads and make Pueblo a better place to walk, ride, live, drive and work. We just need to pay more attention and be a little more patient and nice to others along our roads.

We will be promoting this campaign starting in April and May and throughout the warmer months people love to get outside and explore our community walking, running, bicycling, motorcycling and driving.  

iShare the Road video series:  feel free to share these on social media

Humanizing our Streets videos: that cyclist or pedestrian you see matters, he/she is someone's family member, friend or coworker

Active Pueblo (PACE) volunteers will be sharing this campaign with the public at these events in the Spring 2016 (more details for these events can be found on our calendar):

  • Sat, April 9th:  Pueblo West Fishing Derby at Cattail Crossing
  • Sun, April 10th: Spring Fling Bike Demo at Test Track
  • Sat, April 23rd:  9 Health Fair at Praise Assembly
  • Sat, May 14th:  Ordinary Mortals Triathlon at CSU-P
  • Sat, May 14th:  East side Wheel Park Grand Opening
  • Thurs, May 19th: Bike from Work Happy Hour at Brue's Alehouse
  • Sat, May 21st:  Safety Jam at City Park
  • Wed, June 22nd:  Colorado Bike to Work day


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