Finding a safer route

Choosing where to ride or walk can make a BIG difference in your safety and enjoyment.

Finding a Route video                              

Bike Route maps

  1. Don’t just ride your bike where everyone drives their car. You can often avoid hectic traffic and enjoy your ride much more by selecting a road one or two streets over in cities built on a grid system.
    • Unfortunately, the Arkansas River, Fountain Creek, I-25 and train tracks only have a few crossings to link the City of Pueblo so your options are sometimes limited in a few areas of Pueblo. But the rest of the city has lots of alternative routes.
    • Check the bike route maps for finding better ways to get around the Pueblo area.
  2. Look for streets with low traffic volumes and few trucks or buses.
  3. Look for roads with wide lanes or paved shoulders and good pavement conditions.
  4. A route with fewer stop signs allows you to keep up your speed. Remember, bicyclists are expected to stop at stop signs and stop lights just like motor vehicles!
  5. Although flat terrain requires less effort, hills can be relatively easy with a multi-geared bike.
  6. Pay attention to drainage grates, railroad crossings and other potential hazards. Cross train tracks perpendicular to your front wheel and always be careful crossing slippery, wet surfaces, especially metal rails or grates.
  7. Be aware and follow these tips on avoiding the dangers of sun glare that can blind drivers at sunrise and sunset.
  8. Scout your potential route by bike, not car, before you attempt to ride to work or school.