Cruiser Ride Basics

Happy bike riders enjoying crazy costume ride. May 19th, 2010.

  • Cruiser rides are casual rides usually less than 3 miles on cruiser bikes (if you have one) or whatever bike you have that is safe to ride.
  • Cruiser rides may have a theme for costumes for anyone wanting to get into the spirit and have more fun.
  • This is a casual gathering and all riders ride at their own risk. Nobody is forcing you to ride, but you are welcome to ride if you follow the rules of the road, ride safely for your own protection and other riders.
  • Please read the Denver Cruiser Code and our liability waiver  riders Photo of a funny old guy in a crazy hat riding down Union.are expected to know and follow. This cruiser code is borrowed from the tremendously successful Denver Cruisers, a  weekly ride going on 6 years without police intervention IF everyone abides by the rules!  Fill in Pueblo for any place that mentions Denver.
  • This is NOT a critical mass ride. Cyclists follow all road rules as if they were driving a car, which means you stop at stop lights and stop signs and slow traffic stays right.  Try to leave a full lane open for traffic to pass on the left.  Call "Car Back" to riders ahead that need to get over to share the road.  We need to police one another to keep this ride safe and show motorists we can coexist with them and share the road.  If cyclists are not following the code and rules of the road, they will be asked to leave the ride.  If problems arise, the city, police or volunteers may call off the cruiser rides altogether.
  • Kids are welcome in trailers, bike seats or those over age 10 with good bike handling skills may ride their own bike as long as a supervising adult rides with, supervises and is responsible for the child (must sign liability waiver for the child also)