Traffic Calming

Reasons for Traffic Calming:
•When a pedestrian or bicyclists is hit by a car, the risk of dying goes up exponentially because Speed Kills!
•Law enforcement cannot always monitor and ticket speeding motorists. Ticketing only has a short term effect on slowing traffic anyway.

The only way to slow traffic and protect PEOPLE along the roads on foot, in a wheelchair or on a bicycle, is to design the entire roadway to match the intended speed limit.

Design strategies used to slow traffic or calm traffic include:

•Narrow the travel lanes to 10-feet wide instead of 12-19-feet found in some communities
•Remove excess travel lanes and replace them with:
◦Bicycle lanes
◦Tree landscaped medians and sidewalks separated by green spaces and trees along the outer edge of the roadway
•Pinch down the movement through intersections with:
◦Bump out pedestrian crossings which narrow through traffic and allows pedestrians a safe and visible place to stand and look for traffic before crossing
◦Provide pedestrian island refuges between opposite direction traffic. Pedestrians only have to cross one direction of traffic at a time.
•Replacing busy 4-way intersections with round-abouts.
•Allow on-street parking – nothing slows traffic like a new parallel parker!