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iShare the Road campaign

What exactly does “Share the Road” mean?   It is how we keep people safe on our roads. It comes down to these two things:

  1. Do not risk your safety for the convenience of another
  2. Do not risk the safety of others for your convenience

It does not matter whether you are walking, bicycling, driving a car or a motorized scooter, we all have a responsibility to look out for one another, be kind, patient and safely move on our way. 

Sharing means:

  • Paying attention to other PEOPLE on the roads, whether they are in a car or wheelchair, on a bicycle or on foot.
  • Looking for others and giving them plenty of space.  It does NOT mean a bike needs to share the same lane with a car.  We share the entire roadway by going around others when safe.
  • Slowing down to allow safe crossing or passing of another, it only takes a few seconds.  Hitting and injuring a person, will take much more time than just taking it easy and being safe on the road.



Streets started out for people walking, horses and buggies and bicycles. The invention of cars changed the way people behave on the street but a healthy, vibrant community allows and encourages people to walk and bicycle throughout the community and the cars and the people recognize one another, follow the rules and just get along.

Pueblo has an “iShare the Road” campaign to ask community members to take the online pledge to make our streets safer. We each do that by just being kind, looking out for others and following the rules designed to keep us all safe and moving along. 

Watch and share these videos with your friends and family to make sure everyone knows how to share the road!  And like us on Facebook - Active Pueblo.