2013 Bike Challenge Results


Final Results for locals in the 2013 National Bike Challenge

  • Pueblo tracked 58,511.4 miles cycled during the 2013 challenge May through September.   

  • That translated to 128,798 points overall! 

  • Mike Archuleta was consistently in the #1 spot throughout the contest. He logged 3,620 miles and lost 60 pounds and 6 pant sizes! 

  • Bruce Lundberg and Dave Anderson chased Mike through the contest and nearly caught him with their 3,022 miles and 2,900 miles respectively.  

  • Summary of all results for all local challenge participants here!

Top Challenge participants: Mike Archuletta, Bruce Lundberg, Dave Anderson, Greg Kemmet, Dan Nelson, Ken Sharp, Tim McGhghy, Ron Courtney, Kim Arline, Brett Nelson.

Top 10 men: all of the above except add Sam Chambers. Special note about Sam (green shirt on blue bike above)- he broke both legs and spent 6 weeks in a wheelchair during the challenge and still made the top 10! Long time cycle commuters rule!

Top 10 women: Kim Arline, Tonya Nelson, Desi Vial, Stephanie Chambers, Sarah Joseph, Barbara Hadley, Kim Dodds, Janet Dash, Gwen Steves, Aimee Atencio. 

4th annual Commuter Cup Awards: 

Based on the data supplied in May and June during National and Colorado bike months focusing on commutes but all miles and trips counted. 

Locals logged 24,733 miles in May and June and saved $3,341 on gas by bicycle commuting rather than driving!

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