Bike Skills Clinic

Saturday, September 24th 2011

9:30 to 12:00 pm at Sierra Vista Elementary

After the Run 4 Trails 5-km walk/run and 5-mile run, a bike skills clinic with multiple stations on the black top and a short ride on the trail and roads will take place.  Bring your bike and helmet to participate after the race!  We'll have a few loaner bikes on hand and some helmet fittings and giveaways if you don't have a helmet. Find out if your child is ready to ride on the road.

Bike Skills Clinic includes:

  • Basic bike handling, turning and stopping to prevent simples mistakes and injuries.
  • Communicating for safety:  with other vehicles and other riders
  • Where to walk and ride on the trail and road
  • How to safely pass other road and trail users
  • Crossing roads safely
  • How to prevent bicycle theft
  • Why following the rules of the road matters

  • After bike passes mechanical check and you complete short trail and road ride to put skills into practice and black top stations, your bike will be certified with a Pueblo County serial number.

Volunteers are needed to help at a bike skills stations. On the job training provided for this event and others held at other schools and community organizations.  Call 647-1230 or email  to get involved.