Bike Parking Guide

It seems simple enough to get a bike rack for a business but finding an affordable bike rack without expensive shipping and then installing it in a location that works for everyone is easier said than done.  Too often the rack is hidden from view where cyclists don't find it or won't feel comfortable leaving their bike in a theft prone situation.  Ideally bicycle racks should be as close to the building entrance as the first car parking space. 

Why Invest in Bicycle Parking?

  • Increase your overall parking capacity at little cost
  • Attract new and retain old customers and employees that are health conscious
  • Eliminate clutter, pedestrian hazards or tree damage from bikes poorly parked.
  • Get points for being a Bicycle Friendly Business

Locating Bicycle Parking

  • Convenience:  Bike parking should be convenient to building entrances (within 50 ft) and street access. Disperse racks along sidewalks in commercial districts to provide close access to multiple storefronts.
  • Visibility:  Bike parking should be easily spotted from the street. In addition to attracting users, a high visibility location (e.g., in front of a store window) discourages bike theft and vandalism.
  • Spacing:  Bike racks should be far enough away from walls and other obstacles so bikes can be maneuvered in and out even when other bikes are parked.
  • Sidewalk:  Bike racks should be aligned with planters and other street furniture to maintain existing pedestrian flow.  A ten-foot wide sidewalk is the minimum width required to accommodate pedestrian flow and bicycle racks. Racks best for tight spaces are inverted U racks parallel to the road. 
  • Public Right of Way (ROW) areas: include city sidewalks and areas in the roadway.  Anytime any street furniture including trash cans, benches, planters or bicycle racks are placed in the public ROW, a permit, insurance and approval is required by the Traffic Engineer.  The permit and insurance is waived if the rack is donated to the City but approval of installation site is still required to ensure pedestrian flow and motor vehicle doors are not impeded.   Certain downtown areas now have Streetscape design guidelines (long download) approved for street furniture including bicycle racks (see samples at bottom).  Call 719-553-2722 if you plan to install a bicycle rack in the public ROW.

To make adding Bike Parking in Pueblo as painless as possible, PACE created these resources:

Bike Parking Ordinance No 8115 approved in November 2009. The ordinance pertains to new or renovated properties requiring 40 or more parking spaces to provide a minimum number of bicycle parking spaces equivalent to 5% of the automobile spaces.  The ordinance also requires a primary pedestrian connection to the public sidewalk.