2011 Goals


  1. Electronic media to improve and streamline communications within PACE and the community at large and educational efforts regarding walking and biking in the Pueblo area.
    1. Website development to educate the community on walkability (Megan) and bikeability (Kim) issues (with Rob and others)
    2. Google applications development for core PACE group and easy conversion to website and Facebook pages.
    3. Facebook page for PACE (Megan) to post update, invites on the wall and link to main website for information and photos.
  2. Infrastructure Development Projects:
    1. Improve walkability/bikeability through development of ordinances and policies.
    2. Advocate for improved walkability/bikeability in new development and redevelopment community projects.
    3. Work with community leaders to pursue a "Bicycle Friendly" designation for the City of Pueblo
    4. Continue efforts to fund signage and bike lane or sharrow markings for on-road bike routes.  Advocate and pursue options for extending multi-use trails to improve mobility and connectivity on foot or bike.
    5. Projects-trail standards, Update Road Standards for City and County, Bike Boulevards
  3. Education and promotion of walk/bike events, opportunities and improve safety.
    1. Bicycle-Friendly Community - work on Bicycle-Friendly Community Status with City of Pueblo
    2. Integrate biking/walking safety, opportunities and promotion into work sites and school sites.
2011 Subcommittees:
  1. Website development/electronic communications
  2. Pueblo Bike/Walk month including Bike to Work event(s)
  3. Bike/Ped Infrastructure improvements
  4. Pueblo Chamber-Bicycle Friendly Business promotion