Summary of 2010 Bike to Work events

7,532 miles logged by Commuter Cup participants!

679 trips by car avoided during Commuter Cup!

               Video of Bike to Work events (NEW!)

Registrations for Bike to Work Events:

  • 67 registered for National Bike to Work, May 21, 2010
  • 77 registered for Colorado Bike to Work, June 23, 2010
  • 89 registered for Commuter Cup Challenge running month between two Bike to Work Days.  Organizers only expected a small percentage of participants to join the challenge but were amazed when 64% of registereed participants joined the challenge!
  • 139 total registered.  Many more rode to work but did not  register.
  • 25% had never ridden to work before and 9% did not even ride for recreation.
    • 12% ride to work daily already, 18% ride about half the time. Over 30% of participants try to ride to work a few times each summer.
  • 52% women;  average age 42.5 (19-68 year range)
  • Average one-way distance to work: 6.95 miles (0.3-25.5 mile range)
  • Resident:  70% City of Pueblo, 30% Pueblo West, Mesa, Avondale, Colo City or Rye
  • Despite last minute planning, over 45 riders joined us June 23rd for a 2-mile police escorted  “Downtown Tour” past new public buildings and old landmarks.

Commuter Cup - Team Results:

The work place that  maintained the best overall commuter rate in relation to total number of employees earned the “Pueblo Bike Commuter Cup.” The traveling trophy gives “green” bragging rights to that worksite but must be defended each year. 

The 2010 Commuter Cup Team Champion:   U.S. Geological Survey maintaining a

whopping 23.5% work site commuter rate! 

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For comparison, the average bike commute rate is 1.05% for 35 large US cities ranging from 0.22% to 2.63%.  Denver, a silver rated Bicycle Friendly Community has a 0.5% commuter rate. While Copenhagen, Denmark has a 36% commuter rate!

Commuter Cup - Individual Results:

After one month of riding with late seasonal winds and early high temperatures, 55 of the participants had maintained a 25% or better rate of commuting to work!  All commuters with a 25% or better rate earned a medal and free beer.

Individual Commuter Rates:     25-49%:    17       50-79%:  22          80-99%:     7        100%:        9

Top Commuter Mileage:    

    1. Troy Davenport (599 miles)         2. Gwen Steves (589 miles)            3. Ed Behling (306 miles)

    4.  Nathaniel Lambert (297 miles)  5. Bobby Latka (290 miles)            6.  Denise Crepeau (254 miles)