2010 Bike to Work Events



Discover commuting to work by bike! Pueblo is promoting two bike to work opportunities with friends, family and coworkers in 2010!

  • May 1:  Online registration opens for Bike to Work events (closes June 23rd)

  • May 10, 13, 19, 24:  Bike Commuter Classes to promote safe cycling and practical advice

  • May 21:  Bike Commuter Cup started!

    • National Bike to Work Day with sponsored breakfast stops (from 6:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.) at Pueblo Community College, Pueblo City-County Health Department, Senior Resource Development Agency (SRDA)
  • June 23:  Bike Commuter Cup ended.

    • Colorado Bike to Work Day with sponsored breakfast stops (from 6:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.) at Coyote Den at Nature Center, Pueblo City-County Health Department, Senior Resource Development Agency (SRDA), Parkview Medical Center and St Mary Corwin Medical Center Downtown Tour - 2.2 mile police escorted tour of downtown area past new public buildings and old landmarks.
  • July 1:  Bike Commuter Cup and Bike to Work awards at the Riverwalk Farmer's Market

Breakfast/water stations: 6:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.  Businesses and community organizations are invited to sponsor a breakfast/water stop to encourage healthy lifestyle changes in our community. Make it fun and cheer on our riders! See Breakfast Station Agreement for more details on hosting a breakfast station. Email Kim for more information or to volunteer to host a stop!

Group meeting places to ride to work:   Check out the BTW day google map showing the breakfast stops and group meeting places to possibly meet others and ride to work.

  • This is a great way for people living farther away to drive part of the way, park at a park or trail head and ride the last few miles to work. 
  • Meet friends at City Park (park near north end of pool parking lot by Pueblo Blvd) and ride the rest of the way to work! Just zoom in on the map, click on a meeting stop or trailhead for a pop up window with more information.
  • Volunteers are offering to meet others riding from their area along a route to a breakfast stop or two. Volunteers post the time they need to leave to ride, make a stop and get on to work in time. Anyone interested in riding with them should email or call the volunteer.

Group riding Courtesy and Safety

  • Please read  Bike Safety section so you don’t endanger yourself or other riders. You need to follow the rules of the road for everyone’s safety.
  • Ride single file or two by two if not obstructing traffic.
  • When passing slower riders, ring a bell or announce, “On your Left.” Look back for traffic and signal to pass on their left.
  • The routes are not closed, we have no parade permit, we are just offering people the option to ride with a few others, encourage one another along the route and not obstruct traffic.
  • This is just a group volunteering to ride together. You are responsible and liable for your own safety.