2010 Accomplishments

Web page development: 

  • PACE Facebook page established in January
  • PACE launched activepueblo.net on March 1st to update and educate the public on a variety of issues regarding walkability and bikeability in the Pueblo area. 
  • Online registration for Bike to Work events was active May 1-June 23.
  • PACE updated activepueblo.net in September with a more flexible website.

Walk-n-Roll Education and Encouragement Campaign to increase ridership and walking

  • Obtained sponsorship, advertised campaign in various employer newsletters, Downtown Association, through Facebook PACE page, mesh banner on Union and Santa Fe each 2 weeks, two bus shelter ads.
  • Hosted bicycle safety classes:  (2) at public libraries, (2) at employers, Spirit of Women "Know Your Cycle" class on bike mechanics, County Work Release inmates, Wayside Cross Rescue Mission.  25 sets of lights and bike safety kits distributed to homeless shelter and inmates to avoid another tragic cyclist fatality due to riding at night with no lights. 
  • TV/Radio:  3 radio public service announcements were created to promote bike to work events, Bike safety videos created through Safe Routes to School grant played regularly on the County Public Access Channel, Bike to Work Coordinator and City Traffic Engineer were guest speakers on Talk Radio show.
  • Promoted two bike to work days - National on May 21st and Colorado on June 23rd.  Bike to Work days had 3-5 breakfast stations around town for cyclists to stop for a light snack, freebies and visit with other cyclists.
  • Sponsored a Bike Commuter Cup Challenge as a fun, friendly work site challenge. Employees were encouraged to commute by bike (or on foot) as much as possible between the two bike to work days.  89 registered for the challenge and 50 maintained a 25% or better commuter rate.....
  • Award ceremony for bike/walk commuters at Farmer's Market on July 1st.  Medals given for individual achievement and one company took home the Commuter Cup trophy.

Pueblo Area Bike Route map: 

  • Printed 60,000 copies of the map, plans to distribute 20,000-30,000 copies to the public by Fall 2011
  • Map distribution plan
  • Bike Route Map is available online

Improved bike/walk infrastructure occurred:

  • Striped ___ miles of bike lanes in Belmont along Jerry Murphy and Bonforte
  • Installation of ___ bike route signs along highlighted routes in the City of Pueblo
  • Construction of 2.5 miles paved multi-use trails in Pueblo West

Developed Bike Parking Guide  with local welders and city traffic engineer to offer lower cost options for properly installing secure, approved bike racks in Pueblo

  • Pueblo School District No 70 installed 10 racks at all Pueblo West schools.
  • City School District installed
  • City of Pueblo: bike racks parking bikes were installed through business and community sponsorships.
  • Pueblo West: bike racks parking bikes were installed through business and community sponsorships.

Improved landscaping and street trees:  3 trees on Abriendo, 5 trees on Broadway by Urban Renewal

Street furniture such as benches installed